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Everyone Runs, Everyone Walks proudly launched its EmbRACE Local initiative to focus attention on all local groups that put on running and walking events right here in our backyard. Why Local? Because we live here and embrace our community by putting on events that our community enjoys. Local events are vital contributors to the Tucson economy because we spend the majority of our dollars with local businesses, and we don't take our monies back to another state, like outside race companies do. We even bring in tourists that spend lots of $$$ here. So when you're choosing events to run, bike, swim, etc., why not stick with your friends and neighbors from Everyone Runs, Tagg Running, SAR, On Your Left Fitness, El Tour, the Arizona Trail Association, and all the rest? We sure do appreciate you! And while you're at it, be sure to check out our sponsors. Thank you so much.

(EmbRACE Local art by local runner, Karen Keller!)